New York, NY – (March 9, 2017) AJENE WATSON, LLC, a New York financial services and business development firm, announced today, that the Company has officially established its first PAI (Public Accelerator-Incubator), a business model intended to be a launch pad for start-up and early stage high-growth companies, while helping to foster equitable investment opportunities across a broader economic base.

The public accelerator-incubator model is intended to replicate the global success of private accelerators and incubators from around the world. The PAI will create opportunities that overlap the microcap market with private startup communities. This first PAI will accelerate and acquire disruptive innovations that solve problems through digital and media platforms.

“While the public accelerator-incubator model primarily focuses on tech start-ups, this unique strategy will also lend its specialty-services to early stage companies, trading on the OTC Marketplace,” stated Ajene Watson, Executive Managing Member of  AJENE WATSON, LLC.

Watson continued, “Most important to us is our mission: To Even The Inequitable Divide Amongst Investors. We strongly believe that both well-heeled private investors and smaller investors alike, can do well while doing good. Finally, both well-established investors and even first time investors, can take advantage of the same opportunities equally and at the same time.”

“Private investors could have a much easier time investing in both start-ups and early stage microcap companies. However, in the case of start-ups, they will have greater assurances that liquidity events might occur, and if so, certainly faster than typical private startup time horizons.  In the case of microcaps – legitimacy, transparency and viability remain paramount. Yes, legitimacy is a real issue and it’s time we address it!

“Likewise, smaller investors who generally do not have an opportunity to participate in early stage or start-up investments, will now have the ability to see, and participate in, the same investment opportunities that are generally reserved for well-established investors.

“Microcap development stage companies will go through the same in-depth vetting process as the private early stage/startup companies. As a result, smaller investors could find greater comfort in OTC ventures that receive in-depth vetting and business management mentorship. All companies – private equity and microcap companies – that participate in a PAI, will be held to the highest standards; made to be highly accountable to shareholders and stakeholders alike.”

Ultimately, PAI offers all investors four basic things: 1) the ability to diversify, 2) the means to maximize early stage and development stage investment success, 3) easily see money at work with highly vetted companies, and 4) access liquidity sooner than private investments allow. Investors will have the safety benefits of a PAI, while giving the start-up and microcap communities another [stronger] platform for growth.

This first public accelerator-incubator will primarily focus on ventures covering:

  • Digital Media and Communications
  • Entertainment and the Arts
  • Cause Marketing and Impact Investing
  • Blockchain and Cryptography as a vertical to all segments

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AJENE WATSON, LLC, (AWLLC) is an agile, multi-faceted, business management and financial services consulting firm. Formed in 2007, AWLLC offers business development, communications management and creative funding solution services to both public and private companies.  AWLLC’s core business model is dedicated to championing the growth and viability of the microcap markets by providing higher quality services to OTC Market companies.

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